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React, CSS-in-JS, and State Management

My current favorites, as you'll find that this site is built in React with styled components. With these libraries, I'm able to rapidly build out reusable UI components in JSX and CSS-in-JS. Unidirectional data flows, integrated DevTools and auto optimization is just a few reasons I enjoy React. Add a state management library like MobX or Redux and now we can build a large-scale React app.

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ES6, Babel, and webpack

Want a blazing fast website that is compatible with all browser types? You're going to need Babel and webpack. This will allow us to leverage the latest features as well in ES6+. I've been scoring around 98 score on Google Page Speed thanks to these tools!

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Node & Everything else

Thanks to Node.js, JavaScript is no longer limited to the front-end. I've been using Node, Express and Next.JS to deliver sites like this one for the last few years. Other tools that I enjoy leveraging, include NPM, Yarn, Gulp, Grunt, CSS3, HTML5 and more.


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